Recovering after a Marathon


First and foremost: our warmest congratulations. Whether you are a veteran runner or you have just finished your first race, completing a marathon is always an accomplishment.

But after the euphoria and exhilaration comes the time for unwinding and recovery. This is a crucial step for your body of course, but also for your mind, as some people may feel aimless after achieving such a milestone. We have caught up with expert sports massage therapists who have helped us put together this marathon recovery plan. By following this weekly step-by-step guide, you will be able to get back in shape, both physically and mentally, and who knows, maybe you’ll soon be ready for another round!

Day 1 – Rest and gently stretch

Besides observing a balanced diet of fruits carbs and protein, there are three keywords for the first day: rest, rest and more rest. That means no exercise, no physical strain whatsoever and no sneaky training sessions. The only effort specialists recommend is climbing into a hot bath for 10-15 min at a time and gently stretching your muscles as you dry afterwards.

Day 2 – Enjoy a recuperating massage

Still no running for you today, but it’s the perfect time to book yourself a massage. Your body will be at its most tense 24 to 48 hours after the marathon, so you should still go easy on it. A gentle Swedish Massage will do. Leave the Deep Tissue treatment for later. And if you don’t want to leave the house, the great news is of course that our therapists will come directly to your home to assist your recovery.

Day 3 – Try light exercise to alleviate joint pain

Another quiet day at home. If you really feel like you need to exercise to alleviate some joint pain, biking or swimming is fine, in moderation. Don’t forget to stretch and keep those hot baths running. In short, look after yourself.

Day 4 –  Concentrate on areas of your body that need a little more attention

As your body gradually loosens up, you can now get the assistance of a professional to really get in there and untie those knots, heal persisting joint pains, and monitor the areas that are taking longer to recover. This is exactly what our tailor-made Sports Massages or Deep Tissue Massages are designed to do. Your therapist will also be able to recommend exercises and offer guidance about resuming your training regime.

Day 5 – Go for a long walk

You may finally get back into your running regime but don’t overdo it: walking is still the best option and specialists recommend going for 2-3 miles at the most. Epsom Salt Baths are also a good way to relax about an hour before bed.

Day 6 – If you still ache, consider a deep tissue massage

You should begin feeling back in top-shape by now. The soreness will begin to fade and your muscles should be loosened up. Keep up the walking routine. If you still feel a bit tense in certain areas, it’s not a bad idea to book yourself one more Deep Tissue Massage.

Day 7 – Resume your regular running regime

Seven days after the marathon is a nice time to reflect on your race. As you resume your standard regime, you may also ask yourself how you could improve it.


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