Q&A: London nutritionist Clarissa Lenherr on common diet myths


Who here is a sucker for a diet myth? The internet is teeming with them, and it can be hard to know where to start to cut through them. That’s where Urban diet experts come in. We partner with the very best London nutritionists so you can book them online at a time that suits you, all through one easy-to-use app.

We caught up with registered nutritionist (and Urban online expert) Clarissa L between appointments to hear what ‘good’ nutrition means to her, and how she’s found transitioning to online practice during lockdown.

What does ‘good nutrition’ mean to you?

Having a well-balanced diet – and by that I mean eating well but also allowing yourself to enjoy foods that maybe don’t always get the nutrition gold star, but are delicious, satisfying and make you feel good! I really do believe in an 80/20 approach to healthy eating.

What common nutrition myth do you wish you could dispel forever?

That carbohydrates and fats are bad for you! Complex carbohydrates and good sources of healthy fats play a crucial role in our health!

What’s the difference between an in person and online consultation with you?

Nothing! With digital consultations, I can still see people, ask them about their hair/skin/nails and weight and create a great connection with the person. Plus I get to reach people who wouldn’t be able to come to my clinical practice because of location/timing etc.

What’s the thing you’ll miss when lockdown is over?

I personally think many of the habits and my way of working will stay on after lockdown. I am really enjoying digital consultations and workplace webinars. However, I will miss having my husband at home with me to enjoy lunchtime together!

What’s been your biggest lockdown indulgence?

I treated myself to a Peloton bike. I love spinning and thought it was worth the investment whilst we are not able to go to gyms (plus it was my 30th birthday present to myself!).

About Clarissa
Clarissa is a Harley Street-practising registered nutritionist trained in nutritional therapy and a graduate of the College of Natural Medicine. In her private practice, she’s supported clients of all ages and she works with both families and individuals. She’s also held nutrition workshops for over 150 different workplaces, including Ebay, Allen and Overy, Chanel, Universal Music Group Worldwide and Lloyds Bank.

Clarissa is passionate about helping people discover and celebrate nutritious food, and she specialises in weight management, digestive health, energy and stress support, auto-immune conditions, and special diets (vegan/vegetarian/intolerances).

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