Life on the road with Urban massage pro Caroline H


Deep tissue massage specialist (and former X-Factor hopeful!) Caroline H loves getting to meet incredible people each day. We caught up with her between treatments to learn more about how life’s been back on the road. 💪

Hey Caroline! How are you finding life on the road now we’re getting back to (semi) normal?

It has been extremely fresh to see so many people out and about again. Don’t get me wrong, taking a tube is slightly more complicated during rush hours with my massage bed but to be honest, it does inadvertently give you a little more space.

How do you prepare for a day of mobile clients? 

I always: 

  • Check I have enough PPE equipment and back up equipment on hand.
  • Make sure I have all client addresses checked and in order with all travel plans in place. 
  • Always have my Urban teeshirt clean and ready for uniform and arrival to the clients home 
  • Welcome message my clients prior to their appointment so they are sure I will be with them as planned  
  • Make sure my music playlist is ready for their massage

How do you help customers feel comfortable when you arrive at their house in this strange climate?

For starters, I tend to stand not too close to the door and allow for personal space for when they open the door. Secondly, always a chirpy hi and smile. I think my Scottish accent helps to add to the friendly tone but that is down to opinion. 

I generally like to ask immediately how the client is doing and then ask if they wish for me to take my shoes off and where. Therefore showing respect to their homes and to them.

What do you normally do to relax after a day of clients?

Play some chilled music, have a cuppa tea and write in my journal.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

The clients. Definitely the clients and what they do for me too as a masseuse. 

I think many assume that the client benefits from the whole session but actually I find massaging clients also helps me relax as I listen to their stories during their session(s) (if they choose to tell me) and I find massaging itself extremely therapeutic for me as the therapist too. I’ve met some incredible people throughout my career as a masseuse!

What are your favourite things about Urban’s technology and why?

It’s extremely user friendly. It has an easy to use availability calendar for when we need to change anything last-minute. I like the simple dashboard viewing and statement checks as it can be tiring after a long week finding these documents and information. The dashboard really simplifies everything.

What would we be surprised to know about you? 

When I was 16, I applied for the X Factor singing show and clearly didn’t make it through but hey, if we never try we never know!

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