How to keep fit when you’re travelling for work


A business trip shouldn’t mean that your workout routines go out the window. Instead, use this time away from home to get imaginative when it comes to exercise. You might not be able to make it to your favourite gym but you should still be able to do most of your usual moves either in your room or the hotel fitness centre. It’s not all about exercise however, there are plenty of other things to consider to make sure you stay fit when you’re working from the road including diet and massage. Our top tips will help you keep your health and fitness levels high when you’re working away from home.

Pack your workout

It’s often hard to tell from hotel websites what the ‘fitness room’ will really consist of, and more times than not you’ll be disappointed at the lack of equipment. To avoid being caught out, pack some small tools that you can work out with anywhere. A skipping rope, resistance band and a phone loaded with fitness apps is all you should need to stay on top of exercise when you’re travelling. If you’ve forgotten to bring the tools previously mentioned, don’t worry, your bodyweight alone can provide you with a tough enough workout that you’ll break into a sweat

Exercise wherever and whenever

On the go all day and have no time to work out when you reach your hotel? Find any opportunity to cram in some exercise. Waiting at the airport? Walk from gate number one to 50 and back again. Take the stairs rather than the escalator. Carry your suitcase rather than pulling it along by the handle. On a long train journey? Get up and do some lunges. Stretch out your muscles in the aisle or in the bathroom if you feel self conscious.

Get a massage

Stress is never good for your health, so if you’ve come from back to back meetings, book an outcall massage to your hotel room when the work day is done. Not only will it help you to relax and unwind but it can also ease any aches and pains you have and work out tough knots that have developed as you’ve been tensing throughout the day.

Don’t forget your diet

Dehydration always occurs when travelling so be sure to keep your levels up by drinking as much water as you can. When staying in hotels try your hardest to avoid the minibar. These little fridges of temptation may disguise themselves as treats but they’ll do nothing for your body and you’ll be regretting that mini bottle of Prosecco and that pack of Pringles in the morning. Instead bring some of your favourite protein bars with you to combat any snack cravings you may have.


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