How the world relaxes


Already in three locations, we at Urban Massage were interested to find out how people from different cultures around the world like to relax. We collaborated with London based designer Daniel Stanley who captured the various ways to unwind in a unique illustration.

How the world relaxesWe all unwind in different ways and our illustration is a celebration of the unique techniques cultures around the world use to relax. We’ve all heard about how the Danish love hygge and aim to make their homes as cosy as possible so they can really indulge in downtime, but did you know the Japanese relax by practising intricate origami? They find paper folding particularly satisfying and find comfort in the structured yet beautiful activity. Finland, Turkey and Russia all enjoying soaking in their traditional form of sauna or communal bath, while France and Sweden prefer sitting down and relaxing over a beverage.

In the UK we really love a great cup of tea but we’re also big fans of massage. Many of us enjoy regular massages which are not only perfect for unwinding but they are also physically beneficial for our bodies too. Massage can help increase circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and get rid of unwanted aches and pains, so why wouldn’t we be big fans? Thailand is another country that knows all about that, as massage is their favourite way to unwind too. In Thailand massage is seen as an essential part of life and one of the easiest way to manage stress levels.

Whether it’s a sport, a siesta or a soothing meditation that gives you peace of mind it’s important to make time for yourself everyday. While the techniques may be different around the world, one thing that unites all countries is the joy that comes from taking time to unwind and escape the stresses of everyday. Take inspiration from our infographic and take some time out to do what you love today.
Of the project, the illustrator Daniel said: “It was really fun to create this piece and interesting to see all the different ways around the world to relax. I hadn’t heard of the Russian banya before, where they hit themselves with branches to help circulation!”


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