Why aren’t you having a massage?


It’s really easy for us to extol the virtues of at-home massage – after all, we’re quite biased.

Once you’ve had your first one you’ll understand why so many people (including us) wax lyrical about it. But, if you’re yet to book that first treatment because there’s something at the back of your mind stopping you, we’re here to allay that.

Whatever the worry, we’re ready to offer up our wisdom to help make that next step into your self-care journey even easier.


Home so small you couldn’t swing a cat? Well, we’re sure there’s enough space for a massage. Honestly. The tables used by therapists are approximately 185cm x 75cm – around the size of the average door in your home. Just make sure that there’s also enough space surrounding the table for the therapist to move around you too.

living room


Always busy and pushed for time? An at-home massage is the perfect alternative to travelling to a spa for a treatment. Therapists are available Monday to Sunday from 8am to 12am. Early birds and night owls can rejoice. You can book a treatment in advance or book at an hours’ notice, so anytime you find yourself with an hour spare you can book some well deserved self-care.


At Urban, we believe wellness should be accessible to everyone, and our prices for a one hour massage start from just £49.

We’ve also got a great referral scheme. The more friends you refer, the more of a discount you’ll have off a massage. Refer 1 person, receive 20% off your next treatment. Two people gets you 50% off and, if you refer 3, you’ll receive a free 60 minute massage.

Referrals aren’t just a great way to remind friends to take care of themselves, they’re also a great way for you to do the same.


Feeling worried about having a therapist in your home? Honestly, there’s no need to be. Every therapist Urban Massage partners with are thoroughly vetted and hand-picked before they can join the platform. If you’re concerned, let your therapist know when they arrive. This way they will be aware and can talk you through the treatment and help you to feel at ease.


Who are we? We’re Urban Massage – on a mission to make wellness rituals convenient and accessible without compromising on quality. So, from just £49 an hour, you can enjoy a range of massages from an expert therapist at a time to suit you. Download the app or go to urbanmassage.com to book 60 minutes of restorative me time.


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