Corporate culture needs to loosen up


What is corporate culture?

Your “corporate culture” includes everything that defines how your management and employees behave. From your dress code, to your benefits, and even the way you treat your clients, your culture is created and reinforced by all the people within your business.

Company culture tends to have a slightly negative association with forced fun and dry surveys, but in reality it can also be a hugely positive thing. For companies that take the opportunity to challenge and develop their culture, they can discover new and intuitive ways of improving their working environment. You can feel it from the moment you walk in if a company is a great place to work. Beyond salary, job roles and even office location, your culture is what ultimately shines through.

Why should massage be incorporated into your work culture?

Massage may seem like an indulgence, but it’s actually a clear and powerful indication that you take investing in your team’s health and happiness seriously. Whatever your business, we all face stressors in our daily lives: from tight deadlines, to long hours, and even just eye and neck strain from sitting at a computer all day. You can’t force your team to exercise, and you’re likely not cooking all their meals for them, but by offering them a massage you can give them the opportunity to clear their minds, relax their muscles and manage their stress levels.

The benefits of massage have been documented over thousands of years, and may include deeper sleep, faster recovery from injury and alleviation of pain and headaches. Offering massages once a month or quarter may even be enough to reduce the number of sick days…and not just because your team doesn’t want to miss out! Within your culture, one small change can make all the difference in helping your team to feel heard, appreciated and cared for. A massage is a simple, fast and easy way to show your people that you’re paying attention to their needs.

What is an office massage like?

You can book a trained massage therapist to give your team 15, 20 or 30 minute neck and shoulder massages at their desk or in a private meeting room.

Another option is to give your team a massage membership as part of their benefits, or as an annual bonus (either partially or fully funded). This gives them the opportunity to book a full-length massage in the comfort of their own home, and is a unique way to show your team that you respect and value their time away from the office.

Chair massages are also a fun way to stand out from the crowd during events. A recent study found that applicants who consider themselves to be a cultural fit for a company accept a 7% lower salary, as a token of their desire to be part of the team. Make a memorable impression during your next recruitment event by offering short messages, and you might find that your next hire is the perfect cultural fit.

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