How to become a massage therapist


If you love massage so much that you’re considering training for a career in it, we have all the information you need to know about how to take the first steps into becoming a trained massage therapist.

First, work out if your personality is a good fit for a career as a massage therapist

Massage therapists have to be very personable, patient and professional, as they’re dealing directly (and physically) with clients all day long. If you find talking to strangers difficult or struggle getting your point across think carefully about whether this career is right for you. A massage therapist needs to be a good communicator, confident and empathetic. As well as listening to people’s ailments and trying to help them, you also have to be prepared to deal with criticism and feedback if someone doesn’t like your techniques or asks you to do something different.

Once you have decided massage is right for you, it’s time to train

People want to be treated by a massage therapist who’s studied at a reputable massage school and knows their stuff. Choose a course that’s right for your schedule but also ensure you become properly qualified. Correct training will teach you anatomy, physiology, technique and client care as well as how to properly use any equipment you may need. As an industry standard you must have a level three certificate or equivalent before you start practising. Some therapists choose to add to their skill set throughout their careers by attending workshops or attending CPD (Continued Professional Developments) courses

Now you’re trained. It’s time to decide where to work

Trained massage therapists can find jobs in hotels, spas, salons, clinics and even cruise ships, essentially anywhere that might offer a massage! You could also work directly with a sports team on a regular basis or even a VIP client who wants their own personal massage therapist. Most therapists however prefer to be freelance, so they can work for themselves, either having their own clinic, a visiting spot in someone else’s clinic or by being completely mobile, treating clients in their home or at work.

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How much money do massage therapists make?

The average UK salary for a massage therapist is around £25k a year but this can differ dramatically if you choose to work for yourself. Having your own business does mean you’ll have to factor in expenses, overheads and insurance, but it also leaves you with complete control over your workload and the type of clients you wish to target. Mobile massage therapist partners on the Urban Massage platform earn about £600-£1000 a week. By choosing to be a mobile massage therapist and signing up to Urban Massage you can also reduce a lot of the expenses required for running your own business such as marketing and clinic overheads.

Urban Massage free massage student support

We have created the perfect destination to get you on track to becoming a qualified massage therapist. Explore accredited schools and courses based on experience and speciality via Urban Massage for students.

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