6 reasons why a quick massage is not enough


All massages are great –but sometimes you need the benefits only a full-body massage can deliver. Here’s why you should book one now!

  1. It’s the best way to treat problem areas

“Pain doesn’t always originate where you feel it, so often, releasing the muscles nearby makes it easier to work on a particular area,” says Urban Massage’s partner therapist Esther. “For example, pain in your lower back may be coming from your glutes (the buttocks). A full-body massage would work on all the muscles that might be causing the problem.”

  1. It’s an super-effective stress buster

“Because a full-body massage releases tension from so many muscles, the calming effects are very powerful,” says Esther. You can simply relax and be present with how your body feels. One study found Swedish massage could actually lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

  1. It can help your digestion

“Your tummy area is usually worked on – unless there’s a clinical reason to avoid it, or you don’t feel comfortable with it,” says Esther. “Stomach massage can be helpful for easing digestive problems.”

  1. It can give your workout a boost

A full-body massage releases and stretches out all your muscles. The result? “You can get the most out of your muscle range when you’re running or doing other exercise,” says Esther.

  1. It’s as discreet as any other massage

Worried about having to strip off? “Don’t worry, the only area that’s exposed is the one we’re working on – the rest of your body is covered in a towel,” says Esther. “And when we need you to turn, we hold a towel up to cover you.”

  1. It leaves your skin glowing

‘It stimulates every area, getting the blood pumping and warming up all your muscles,” says Esther. “So not only will you feel great, your skin will look brighter and healthier too.”

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