5 types of yoga everyone should try


Want to try yoga but aren’t sure where to begin? We’re breaking down five of the most popular styles so you can easily navigate your way through the yoga studio schedule, and find the type that best suits you. Each has its own unique benefits and history, some have been practiced for decades, while others are just starting to trend now. Each one is beautiful in it’s own right, so read on to discover which you might like to try next.

Chroma yoga

The trending yoga class of the moment, chroma yoga combines colour therapy, sound therapy, aromatherapy and classic yoga poses. Aiming to heal physical and emotional ailments via the practice, this style offers classes based around different colours. Each colour comes with its own set of sounds and smells and is a fully immersive experience. These classes are so transformative we recommend starting your day with one.

Bikram yoga

Known as ‘hot’ yoga, bikram is essentially yoga that is practiced in a heated room. Created over 30 years ago by Bikram Choudhury, this style of yoga is traditionally meant to consist of 26 set poses, yet many studios offer their own yoga sequences in hot rooms and still call it bikram. In a class like this you are guaranteed to sweat a lot, so it’s best to bring a towel and a large bottle of water.

Thai yoga massage

A combination of yoga and massage, this technique is not only good for stretching out tight muscles but also helping to calm your mind. This style must be practiced with a trained professional, who will help to get your body into the poses and push it deeper to unblock energy channels and increase flexibility.

Vinyasa yoga

Often referred to as ‘power’ yoga, this dynamic style is fast paced, with poses flowing in fast sequences. A lot of fitness studios in London chose to play upbeat modern music in their vinyasa classes to keep up the tempo, making it one of the most fun kinds of yoga you can practice on a Friday night.

Yin yoga

The opposite of vinyasa, yin yoga is extremely slow paced and peaceful. This restorative style allows you to hold yoga poses for a longer amount of time with the use of blocks and and bolsters. Blankets are often used to cover participants at the end of the class, and if you’re feeling extremely relaxed you may even fall asleep.


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