Yoga with a difference


Watch out yogis, these new yoga-combo classes are set to shake up your chakras

Traditional yoga has remained unchanged for centuries. But while Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar require nothing more than a mat and a focused mind these emerging classes are mixing your ‘om’ time with other workouts and disciples to help completely refresh your practice.

Want an insight into a boxer’s training regime? Boxing yoga fuses the mat with the ring to work on your game as you calm your mind. Think punches, backbends and trikonasansa flows.


The perfect fusion of eastern and western fitness philosophies this class combines the ancient practice of yoga with the modern core-strengthening and posture-correcting discipline of Pilates. Sessions mix asana and exercises to build strength, flexibility and tone.


Be strong, supple and de-stress with this new combination of ballet’s poise, Pilate’s control and yoga’s focus. The focus both at the bar and on the mat is on strengthening your core and mid-section muscles to tone and tighten while the stress melts away. (Try Boobybarre!)


Increase your health and fitness while making something beautiful. Created by gymnasts each class involves slipping inside a silk hammock suspended from the ceiling to swing, invert and hold poses you can’t do from the ground. The best part? It’s as close as you’ll get to flying without getting on a plane.


You’ve probably seen some pretty impressive partner poses on Instagram (think a gorgeous couple balancing in breathtaking poses on a beach). This blend of controlled acrobatics and calming yoga might be a surprising combination, but it works.


Add a little bit of weight to your practice – call it 8kg max – and the added resistance will slow down your flow physically and mentally. It might seem counter intuitive but going strong can also strengthen your focus – not to mention increasing your calorie burn and body tone.


Combine cardio with your practice by firing up your lower body with a blast on the bike before gently cooling down with some yoga asanas. Definitely a class to attend for all-round wellness.


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