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Professional Massage On-Demand

Urban Massage is an on-demand mobile massage service connecting you with quality and professional therapists in just a few clicks.

When you need a massage to resolve muscular pain, to unwind or to freshen up, an Urban Hero (Qualified and Insured Therapist) will come out to you within 60 minutes notice. The Hero will provide the treatment in the comfort of your home, hotel or office at high street prices.

Urban Massage is transforming the way you book and enjoy complementary and medical therapy. It should be Professional, Consistent and Trusted. Say goodbye to your worries of poor quality, inconsistent and untrusted treatments..

We’re taking the first step in becoming everyone’s go-to-place for a professional, consistent and trusted massage – in urban areas, all-over.

Urban Massage is currently in beta in select London boroughs (Zone 1-4). In the meantime, stay connected via Twitter and Facebook.

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