The fitness trends you need to take up now


When it comes to keeping fit in London there always seems to be a new workout class that everyone’s obsessed with, whether it’s barre core or baby yoga. But how do you decipher what’s a fad and what’s actually the latest in fitness innovation? We’re here to help you discover which trending topics you should be paying attention to, with our round up of the top fitness trends you need to take up now.


We’ve written a whole piece on the benefits of boxing, and this fierce-turned-friendly sport shows no signs of slowing in popularity anytime soon. It has endless potential benefits including reducing anxiety and improving self confidence, so it’s time to put your gloves on and get in the ring.

Wearable tech

Fitbits, heart rate monitoring headphones and diet trackers are all huge across the London health scene and this trend is definitely one that’s here to stay. Extremely useful and also pretty straightforward and easy to use, they have the power to focus you on your health goals and may help achieve them faster.

Group personal training

For those that find the intensity of a one on one coach too much, the trend of group personal training sessions is ideal. Not only do you get to workout with friends that you feel comfortable around, you also get to split the cost. One of the most fun ways to workout, if you haven’t tried a group personal training session yet then now is the time.

Foam rolling

A recovery technique we’ve already praised many times, foam rolling not only gives your muscles a deep tissue massage but can also help with yoga poses and boosting your mood. No longer just reserved for the gym, any true modern fitness fan should have a foam roller at home too.

Water workouts

If you thought circuits weren’t tough enough then get ready for circuits underwater, as HIIT training from the swimming pool is one of the top trending workouts right now. An excellent way to challenge your body to work hard without putting pressure on any joints, we’re all for this water workout trend.


Inspired by military obstacle course training, this sport has become the talk of the town and it’s not one to miss out on. Parkour is usually carried out in urban settings but now more and more people are interested gyms are getting on the act by creating outdoor and indoor spaces for people to practice safely with instructors.

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