Pass well on – your friends now get 30% off Urban


Something for them, something for you.

If you’ve had an at-home treatment with Urban, you’ll know it’s not just about how good it feels in the moment. It’s about the next day, week, or even months after, when you marvel at how life suddenly feels easier. It’s that you-at-your-best, eight-hours-rest, ace-any-test feeling.

We call it the power of well, and we think it’s something you have to experience to believe. That’s why we’ve made it so you can now give your friends 30% off their first Urban treatment. Lovely, right?

Each time you refer a friend to Urban, you’ll also be rewarded:
Urban refer a friend

You can choose to redeem your discounts at each stage or save them up to earn free 60-minute treatments. Once you’ve had your first treatment, you can refer as many friends as you like to keep the treats coming. 

What are you waiting for?

Give a friend 30% off.


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