Our manifesto


When we founded Urban as an at-home massage app in 2014, we knew what we did, and how. As we grew, we added more services. And we discovered a much bigger idea was driving us, summed up here in our manifesto.

Wellness. It’s a concept that’s difficult to define.

What we do know is that when you feel good, magical things happen. You shake off stress. You stop checking your phone every five minutes. You actually want to exercise. The life you dreamed of living suddenly seems possible.

It’s different for everyone. Your ‘thing’ might be a haircut. Or a manicure. It could be a morning run or an evening tea. It doesn’t matter. What matters is making the space for wellness. Defending it.

Prioritising it. Because wellness is what empowers you to do everything else.

That is the power of well.

For us at Urban, wellness starts with our practitioners. We empower practitioners by giving them the tools, community, and information to build their business. We involve them in every decision, and design products for them, like better massage table bags for travel. Because when they’re well, it’s easier for them to make you well, too.

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