Valentine’s Couples Spa Day at Home


Are you stuck for original ideas for what to do on Valentine’s Day? Planning the ideal romantic day for your partner can be difficult. You could go to a restaurant – but spending the evening in an bustling restaurant crammed in with other couples can take the romance out of the event.

What about a day at a spa? Couples spa days are a lovely idea – but it can be difficult to find one that suits you. Many other couples will have the same idea – the spas (or treatment rooms) could be already booked up or very crowded. Even if you do enjoy a day in the spa, you might find that the benefits of a relaxing massage wiped out by having to go back outside into the cold to get home.

A unique Valentine’s gift for him or her

Why not plan a couples spa day at home – or to make it extra special – at a hotel or holiday rental property? If you plan to go away from home, keep romance in mind when you make your booking. Perhaps you could choose one featuring a large bath, a jacuzzi or lights that can be dimmed. Alternatively you could go for a cottage with an open fireplace and breathtaking views. Wherever you choose, or even if you stay at home, take some time to make the setting perfect. Dim the lights (table lamps are usually more flattering than overhead), clear away any clutter, and light some scented candles.

Couples massage

Booking a couples massage will make the day even more special. Choose a room with space for two massage beds and close the curtains or blinds to block out the outside world. Make sure the room is warm enough without being too hot. You might like to make a playlist with both your favourite relaxing songs and set up the speakers ahead of time.

A romantic bath

Afterwards you could run a bath for your partner – or even enjoy it together if there is room! Add their favourite essential oils to the water and bring your massage playlist. Plenty of fluffy towels, ideally on a heated rail will make the experience feel even more luxurious. It’s a good idea to have some cool glasses of water after your massage to rehydrate – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some champagne too!

A Valentine’s meal

Finish the day with a special meal. It doesn’t need to be lobster or oysters – think about the foods your partner likes most and base the menu around that (although you may want to avoid very smelly foods like garlic or curry). Try to do as much preparation as you can in advance so as not to cut in to your time together more than necessary. A cold starter which can be plated up and left in the fridge can work well, followed by something which is quick and easy to cook, such as fillet steak with vegetables you have prepared earlier. Dauphinoise potatoes are always popular and feel like a treat, yet they are easy to prepare the day before and simply heated in the oven when you are ready to eat. Dessert can also be something which you made earlier – how about some chocolate-coated strawberries?

If you don’t want to cook….

If cooking isn’t your thing, or you don’t want to spend time in the kitchen during your couples spa day, why not order in a gourmet takeaway? You can buy a huge ranges of ready to cook dishes to suit every palate from many delis (and even some supermarkets). Otherwise, get your meal delivered from a local restaurant – you can even get meals delivered from Michelin-starred restaurants in London. Whichever you choose, the best thing is that you don’t have to leave your cosy cocoon. Set the table earlier in the day so you don’t have to fiddle around finding plates and cutlery. You might want to dress it up a little to make it feel like more of an occasion – perhaps with a table cloth and cloth napkins, plus some flowers and candles.

To make your day even more special, you could even have someone to come in to cater for you. Some holiday homes offer a chef as an option – or if you’re at home, you could employ a private caterer for the evening. Discuss your likes and dislikes in advance with the chef and make sure you are happy with their suggested menu.  And if you’ve booked a hotel for the occasion, take advantage of the room service menu.

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