How to do a cardio workout at home


If you’re short on time, don’t have a gym membership or are just shy about exercising in front of others, a cardio workout from the comfort of your own home could be the perfect solution. While there is no running involved you’ll still be able to get your heart racing with these exercises. The amount of reps and time you spend on each one is up to you. Mix and match them in any formation to create easy home workout for women and men.


push up

One of the most simple yet effective ways to build both core and upper body strength is with push-ups. To guarantee you get them right every time remember to stack your wrists, keep your elbows tucked in and tighten your glutes to stop your back from arching.


An easy way to burn fat is by jumping rope. If you usually find skipping boring try creating a challenge for yourself with timers. Skip forward, backwards and side-to-side as well as alternating jumping on one leg, which will improve your balance too.


This is a great exercise for both trimming down and building muscle. To make a really tough workout for yourself try increasing your reps each minute. Start with 4 burpees in one minute have a 30 second break and then 4 burpees each minute for two minutes, etc etc.

Mountain Climbers

A Mountain Climber done correctly will work your quads and your core. Be sure to tighten your core to truly work your body to the max with this exercise.


Boxing gloves

If you’ve got the space, getting a punch bag set up at home is a great way to work on your boxing skills. If there’s no room, practicing your sparring, jabs and footwork are still great cardio exercises.

Medicine Ball Slams

If there’s no one living beneath you and you’ve got suitable floors try doing some medicine ball slams. This exercise has been around since Ancient Greek times and it’s a simple cardio exercise that will also engage your core.

Jumping Jacks

While they might seem like a bit of playground fun, try doing five minutes of jumping jacks and you’ll quickly realise you need good stamina and cardiovascular health to keep at it. They’re also one of the more enjoyable choices on our list, and are an easy way to shed stress.

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