Alexandru – Musician and Massage Therapist



Say ‘hey’ to Alexandru, a partner-therapist with five years’ of experience under his hat. Originally hailing from a small town in Romania, he’s swapped the quiet life for the hustle, bustle and drive of London.

From a small town in Romania to London

‘I moved to the capital almost two years ago, and my life has changed so much since then. I originally decided to come to the UK to find better work opportunities and settled in Reading to start with.’

‘However, I went on holiday to London to see my friends, and whilst I was visiting they urged me to find a job in the capital. So, after a little bit of searching online I stumbled across Urban Massage. I immediately liked the sound of what you were about. I was working in a spa in Reading at the time and the idea of having flexibility over when and where and how I worked was so appealing! After all – who doesn’t want to be able to go on holiday whenever they want?’

‘It’s now been nearly 18 months since I partnered with Urban and things are great – I’ve got a great balance between working and rest. I’d say, in an average week, I’ll complete 15 appointments, over the course of six days. I’ll always take Saturdays off – that’s me time! When I’m not working, you’ll find me with my nose in a book or balancing a violin under my neck.’

The power of Music

‘For so long I’ve wanted to learn to play the violin, and over the past few months I’ve finally started doing it. Whenever I’m not with a client, I’m practising. Not only that, I read up on the theory too, and take lessons as well. Whenever I put my mind to something, I always try my best.’

‘I take that same attitude and apply it to my work too – whenever I’m with a client I want them to have the best possible experience. Wellbeing is so important, so the fact that I’m helping people in their journey is something I take extreme pride in. They’ve trusted me to help them, so I’ll do everything I can to make sure they’re comfortable. My #1 tip? Play music to help set the scene – it can make any home feel like a spa. That, and always be happy and polite, of course!’

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