Seven tips to improve your running


With the London Marathon fast approaching (Sunday, April 28th) we thought we’d gather the most useful tips to get you running at your best and ready for the upcoming 26-mile stretch. We’ve scoured the internet, discovered and collected a range of helpful pointers from eating right to nailing your breathing technique that will be sure to help you in running at your best on race day.

Eat energy boosting foods

If you’ve read our previous post, you’ll be well accustomed to the great energy boosting foods that we recommended (dark chocolate is in there!) and if you’ve not read it yet, it’s well worth checking the post out here.

Dark chocolate or a super food-packed smoothie makes for a perfect pre-run snack.

Nail your breathing technique

A well-implemented breathing technique will aid you in running at a fast pace for longer. A common trick is to avoid breathing with your chest and instead focus on diaphragmatic (stomach) breathing. As you breathe, your chest should remain still while your stomach rises and falls. This will maximise your oxygen intake.

Practise planking

Introducing planking into your running training regime will undoubtedly improve your core. Alternating between various types of planks (e.g. side plank, spider plank and one leg plank) on a daily basis is a great way to build upon your body’s foundation and improve your stamina and upper body strength.

Change up your running tempo

Alternating your running tempo regularly will benefit your stamina and speed in the long term more than always pushing to run at your fastest pace.

Run hills regularly

Running the same distance across a hilly surface rather than a flat one will work you harder and improve your endurance. It’s not just running up hills that helps, running downhill works your lower abs and quads, too.

Have rest days

Having rest days and allowing your muscles to recover is just as important as training, meaning that you won’t overexert your muscles and cause yourself an injury.

Have massage therapy

Introducing Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage therapy will rejuvenate your muscle tissue and combat any injury that has occurred during your training process.

Taking part in the London Marathon? 

If it’s the first time you’re running the race, there’s a lot of information to take in. Click here for all the details you need to know including morning prep, travel information and the London Marathon course.

This guide will tell friends and family where they can stand on the London Marathon Route in order to see you whizz by! There are four separate maps that detail the positions over the 26.2 mile course and they cover Blackheath, Woolwich, Greenwich, The Isle of Dogs, London Bridge, and the finish area.

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