Five ways meditation can aid a mindful massage


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Meditation is now mainstream and we all know the importance of mindfulness and being present. But how often do we put our meditation techniques into practise during everyday activities? Probably not as often as we should. Sometimes we don’t even realise just how much meditation may be able to enhance an experience for us. Massage is a great example of this.

For some, switching off during a massage is a simple thing, but for others it’s difficult to calm the mind enough to fully enjoy the experience. This is when the idea of meditating during a massage comes into play. Often referred to as a mindful massage, it simply means staying present and focused during your treatment. There are many other ways meditation can make your massages even better, we’ve picked our top five.

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1)  It may improve your pain tolerance

We all know that sometimes a deep tissue massage can seem more like torture than a treatment, but often kneading out knots needs to be firm. Meditating during a massage will allow you to focus on your breath. Breathing into the pain as it takes place may allow you to withstand more, meaning your masseuse can work with your knots for longer and ultimately you’ll end up feeling much better.

2) It can give you an increased feeling of relaxation

Focusing on your breath will stop your brain from being cluttered up with thoughts, bringing you a sense of calm. This means you can lie back and enjoy the experience, falling into a deeper state of relaxation.

3) It can help your muscles to loosen

As your mind quiets your body should also soften. When your muscles loosen and relax your massage therapist should be able to perform a more effective massage as you will be much more malleable. Meditating during a London mobile massage can be just as effective as doing yoga stretches before a treatment.

4) It may allow you to feel out your body’s aches and pains

Being mindful during your massage can allow you to focusing on the touch of your masseuse and the way it makes your body feel. By truly listening to your body you’ll be able to identify problem areas much quicker and you’ll probably find with deep relaxation many of the niggles you have been feeling will have already vanished.

5) It may get rid of any massage etiquette anxiety

Instead of worrying about what to say and how to act when you have a massage, meditation gives you a great coping strategy. If you start to feel anxious at the start of a treatment, stay present. Focus on the sensations the treatment gives rather than stressing about if it’s okay to fall asleep or avoid small talk. Any London outcall massage therapist that can see you’re in the zone will respect your privacy and leave you to your meditation while they work.

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