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Consultation & treatment

A one-off session to tailor your Osteopathic treatment plan.

You're feeling

Pain, Sore, Generally Fatigued



A tailored consultation with an expert

An increase in joint health

Relief from chronic pain caused by your muscularskeletal system


Our recommendation

An osteopath is to your body, what a mechanic is to a car. Great if you just want a thorough check to ensure your joints and muscles are in good working order, and even better if you’ve got a specific injury or issue you’d like help with.

In this session your osteopath will do a head-to-toe assessment of your musculoskeletal system and create a plan to address any issues that may be found. Your plan can include anything from daily stretches to a series of osteopathic appointments. Follow-up osteopathic sessions may not always be recommended, in some cases your osteopath may suggest seeing another medical practitioner.

In most cases the osteopath will begin treatment in the initial consultation using a range of manipulation and massage techniques. In some extreme cases an assessment can occupy the full session.

During your treatment

You'll recieve a full consultation delivered by a practitioner who is registered by the General Osteopathic Council. This means they’ve got a 4- or 5-year degree programme under their belt, and a minimum of 1,000 hours of clinical training. They'll take the time to understand any issues, to create a tailored treatment plan for you.


Probably not the treatment for you if:

You're after a massage - try an Urban Classic instead.

If you are at any stage of your pregnancy please look at a pregnancy massage which you can have after your first trimester.