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The humble foot holds a lot of power. By focussing on pressure-points on your feet, lower legs and hands, reflexology helps re-balance and de-stress your mind and body.

You've got

Tension, anxiety, tiredness



Please note

You can only book one massage therapist to your home at a time for Covid-19 safety.



Improves blood circulation and promotes better sleep habits

Reduces stress and relieves anxiety and tension

Stimulates the nervous system and clears energetic pathways



“Almost everyone – young and old, and those recovering from surgery – can benefit from a Reflexology treatment,” says lead therapist Nadège. “The theory behind it is that specific areas on the hands and feet correspond to the rest of the body. Applying pressure to these areas restores balance within the body and relieve stress.”

During your treatment

Your therapist is a total pro. They’ll start off with a health assessment, which will cover your medical history and any current conditions.

They’ll typically ask you to sit on a chair or table, before cleansing your feet and using a wax or oil to perform the massage.

Post-treatment, you should feel relaxed, calm and balanced. Depending on where you and your therapist choose to focus on, you may also feel energised, experience slightly heightened emotions, and notice improved circulation and digestion. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?


Probably not the treatment for you if:

You’re feeling unwell and/or you or anyone in your household needs to self-isolate or shield.

You’ve got open wounds on your feet or hands, or skin conditions such as verrucas, athlete’s foot or eczema

Looking for a face or ear treatment. This is a separate specialisation that therapists booked through Urban Massage typically will not practice.

You're pregnant. If you're in your second or third trimester, consider our specialist Pregnancy Massage treatment instead

You're after a full-body massage - go for an Urban Classic instead