One-to-one running session

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One-to-one running session

Hit the road, pavement or park. Then hit a new PB.

You want to:

Build endurance, cut down your times, perfect your stride


The rundown

In our socially distanced running sessions, your trainer will meet you in a park or outdoor space near you.

Depending on your goals, your session will be sprint-oriented or focused on long distance endurance. Your trainer will keep track of your times, plot your progress and keep a watchful eye on your stride to make sure your form is efficient and safe.

Let’s go

Lace up, grab a water bottle and meet your trainer at your pre-agreed location.

After a warm up and some stretches, your trainer will run you through a structured plan to help you hit your goals for the session. That might be a series of sprints, some longer timed runs or a long-distance jog for the whole session. If you’re going for distance, your trainer will be with you the whole way to spur you on.

At the end of the session, your trainer will guide you through a safe warm down and finish with some aftercare advice. After your session feel free to reach out to your trainer via instant messaging.

Stay on a roll

Save on individual sessions by booking a plan of 4, 8 or 12.

1 x 60 min session – £59
4 x 60 min sessions, £53 per session (save £24)
8 x 60 min sessions, £52 per session (save £56)
12 x 60min sessions, £50 per session (save £108)

To book more than one outdoor session at a time, go back a step and tap ‘free video chat’ to map out a plan of sessions with your trainer. Once you’re happy with the plan, we’ll be in touch to arrange booking and payment.

Head outdoors

Book your running session to a nearby public outdoor space or park (or meet on your street). After booking, direct message your trainer with where you’d like to meet.


Probably not for you if:

You haven’t checked in with your doctor about any recent injuries or health conditions.

You feel unwell or you/the people you live with have been told to self-isolate.

You don't live near a suitable public outdoor space for socially-distanced running.

You're pregnant – pregnancy falls into the government’s moderate risk (clinically vulnerable) category for COVID-19, so we're taking extra precautions.