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Aveda Stress-Fix™

A dreamy, tranquil treatment from Aveda, designed to de-stress, relax, and recover your mind and body using Aveda’s premium stress-fix™ range.

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Mental Stress, Tiredness, Tension



Please note

You can only book one massage therapist to your home at a time for Covid-19 safety.



A deeply relaxing experience for the whole body. Enhanced by naturally-derived Aveda products, proven to reduce feelings of stress. Reduced levels of stress and a calmer central nervous system.


Our recommendation

Inspired by ancient Indian healing art Ayurveda, the Aveda Stress-Fix massage uses aroma, breath, and touch to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and soothe the mind.

The treatment blends the best of Aveda’s all-natural Stress-Fix™ products, enveloping you in an aroma of lavender, lavandin and clary sage, proven to reduce feelings of stress. Feel nourished by the Composition Oil for body and scalp, calmed by the scent of the Stress-Fix™ Concentrate, and moisturised as the rich Body Creme melts into your skin.

During your treatment

Your Aveda-trained therapist will use guided meditation, Swedish massage, a foot sequence and acupressure for a deeply relaxing experience.

They'll use different levels of tension and pressure to release knots and tight, tired muscles.

Our top tip: Treat yourself to Aveda’s Stress-Fix™ body creme or body lotion, to be used after showering. Massage the lotion onto your abdomen using clockwise and circular motions – this ancient Ayurvedic technique is believed to promote organ health and wellness. Aveda’s StressFix™ product range can be found in our shop.


Probably not the treatment for you if:

You’re looking to soothe a specific pain or problem area. Although pressure is used in the Aveda Stress-Fix™ treatment, it is a holistic treatment that focuses on the entire body and mind. Opt for a dedicated Deep Tissue massage instead.

You’re pregnant or breastfeeding; this treatment uses products containing essential oils. If you’re past the first trimester, we’d recommend booking a specialist Pregnancy Massage instead.