Available treatments

Book a professional makeup artist for looks that are as fresh in real life as they are on Insta. They’ll bring everything needed to match, blend and define to perfection, while you either sit back and relax, or learn by doing in a professional makeup lesson.

Makeup tailored to you

When you’re feeling well, it shows. Your skin glows, your eyes look bright and the top corners of your mouth just keep curling upwards. Makeup becomes the fun part – a chance to express who you are.

That’s where Urban’s team of mobile makeup artists comes in. Fully trained and qualified – and equipped with the best kits in the biz – they’ll work to give you the daytime dewiness or flawless glam of your dreams. Choose day makeup for a soft-coverage look, or evening for full-glam – either can be booked at any time of day.

We meet every Urban makeup artist in person to check they have the qualifications, skills and kit needed to treat you. We also check they’re using the most up-to-date techniques by having a makeup session ourselves. It’s simple – if we love it, we’re confident you will too.