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Free video consultation

Discuss high-intensity training, no strings-attached.

Free consultation

Get started with a 15-min video chat

Follow-up sessions

Build a plan of 60-min follow-up outdoor sessions


Fit starts here

Get a feel for your personalised HIIT plan with a free 15-minute video chat, then continue the convo with instant messaging.

It’s your chance to discuss what you’d like to get out of your HIIT training, from weight loss to cardio gains.

Your trainer will help you achieve real and measurable results with a tailored training programme, which they’ll map out with you.

Your tailored fitness plan

During your video chat, you’ll discuss how frequently you’d like to meet in a local park or outdoor space, from one-off sessions to a discounted 12-session plan.

1 x 60 min session – £59

4 x 60 min sessions, £54 per session (save £20)

8 x 60 min sessions, £52 per session (save £56)

12 x 60min sessions, £50 per session (save £108)

How it works

Book your video chat to get started – you will access the video call through the Urban app or website.

After your consultation, your trainer will send the Urban team your recommended plan. We’ll get in contact with you directly to discuss it and (if you’d like to go ahead) arrange payment. You can choose to book sessions via the app or let us take care of booking for you.


Probably not for you if:

You haven’t checked in with your doctor about any recent injuries or health conditions.

You don't live within a 10-minute walk of a suitable public outdoor space or park.

You're pregnant – we're taking extra precautions for in-person training as pregnancy falls under the moderate risk (clinically vulnerable) category for COVID-19. Check out our online-only options instead, such as a FRAME Mumhood session in our Powered by Urban category.

Socially distanced training

At the moment you can only book HIIT training to a nearby public outdoor space or park (not your garden). You can message your trainer after booking via the app to discuss where to meet.