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Private HIIT session

Feel the burn, then feel fitter, lighter and stronger.

You want to:

Get fitter, build strength, manage weight, sweat


The rundown

In our personalised HIIT sessions for one, two or three, your trainer comes to you.

HIIT is a blast of intense calorie-burning cardio and strength-building exercises, spaced out with short breaks to let you catch your breath. With sessions mapped out by a pro, you’ll build lean muscle, bigger lungs and a stronger heart. Everyday life just got easier.

Let’s go

Grab a water bottle and any equipment you want to use (like an exercise mat, if you have one) and meet your trainer at your pre-agreed location.

After a warm up and stretch, your trainer will run you through a HIIT workout – a series of intense exercises spaced out with short breaks. It’s a method that’s designed to be intense and push you to your limits. Be ready to sweat.

At the end of the session, your trainer will guide you through a safe warm down and finish with some aftercare advice. After your session feel free to reach out to your trainer via instant messaging.

Stay on a roll

Save on individual classes by booking a plan of 4, 8 and 12 sessions.

4 x 60 min sessions, £54 per session (save £20)

8 x 60 min sessions, £52 per session (save £56)

12 x 60min sessions, £50 per session (save £108)

To book more than one outdoor session at a time, go back a step and tap ‘free video chat’ to map out a plan of sessions with your teacher. Once you’re happy, we’ll be in touch to arrange booking and payment.

Head outdoors

At the moment you can only book HIIT workouts to a nearby public outdoor space or park (not your garden or a Royal Park). After booking, direct message your trainer with where you’d like to meet.


Probably not for you if:

You haven’t checked in with your doctor about any recent injuries or health conditions.

You feel unwell or you/the people you live with have been told to self-isolate.

You don't live within a 10-minute walk of a suitable public outdoor space or park.

You're pregnant – pregnancy falls into the government’s moderate risk (clinically vulnerable) category for COVID-19, so we're taking extra precautions. Check out our online-only options instead, such as a FRAME Mumhood session in our Powered by Urban category.