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Shake off the day and target tension with a live, private stretch class.

You want to:

Enhance your posture, target areas of tension, shake off stress


The rundown

Feel the stretch. Shake off the day. In this private, live-streamed stretch class, a flexibility pro will design a custom workout around what your body needs. Whether that’s stretching your lower-back after a day of sitting, or recovery from #legday, your posture, joints (and sense of balance, who knew?) will love you for it.

Choose when and where your session takes place by two-way video and your coach will plan the rest. Once you’ve booked, you can message them beforehand with specific areas you’d like to work on.

Let’s go

Living room, garden, home office or bedroom. Clear some floor space, set up your device and get set – it’s about to become your at-home gym.

Your trainer will check your form and demonstrate exercises via video call, starting with a quick warm up. Then they’ll run you through a series of static and moving stretches designed to encourage muscles all over your body to loosen up.

Your trainer will check in with you throughout the session to make sure the workout’s pushing you just the right amount. They’ll adjust their routine to make sure you’re getting the most from your stretches without feeling any pain.

At the end of the session, they’ll guide you through a safe warm down and finish with some aftercare advice.

Feel free to instant message your trainer at any time before or after your workout session, especially if you have questions about equipment, space, or want to focus on a specific part of your body.

Roomies can join for free

Staying home with friends? They're welcome to join for free – just let your trainer know beforehand so they can prepare. Soon you’ll also be able to invite them via video link.


Probably not for you if:

You have any recent injuries or medical conditions – check in with your doctor to make sure you’re ready to work out.

You’re pregnant and either: 1. new to regular physical activity or 2. in your first trimester – check with your health practitioner before starting a new workout plan.

You don’t have at least 3x3m of floor or garden space.

You’ve got a dodgy internet connection – you’ll need reliable wifi for a smooth and easy session.