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Online physio follow-up

You’re feeling:

Physically restricted, pain in muscles or joints, ready to step up your physio routine



Carrying on from your initial video consultation, your physio will review your current condition and build on your progress by guiding you through a set of new exercises and adding to your exercise routine.


Our recommendation

Physiotherapy is the science of restoring movement and function to parts of the body and mapping out a plan to keep issues away. For injury rehabilitation, sports preparation, post-operative care and more, time with a physio is immensely valuable and a key part of recovery.

With continued treatments, your physiotherapist can map your progress and build on your recovery plan. It’s the best way to keep you on the right track and make sure the results are long-lasting.

Urban physiotherapists are all fully registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). That means they’ve got a three- or four-year degree programme under their belt, and a minimum of a thousand hours of clinical training. You’re in good hands.

Some are also specialists in areas such as women’s health (pre- and post-natal care), neurological disorders and paediatrics – browse individual bios to find the right physio for you.

During your treatment

Your physio will chat with you and direct you via video call, starting with an assessment of your progress so far. They’ll ask you to perform a few movements to get a feel for your range of motion in problem areas and how your strength is progressing. They’ll also ask you about how things have improved since you last talked. Your physio will then run through some exercises and stretches with you, checking your form as you go. They’ll leave you with an updated routine of daily stretches and exercises and a sense of how long it’ll take to see more improvements.


Probably not for you if:

You’ve got a dodgy internet connection – you’ll need reliable wifi to communicate with your physio clearly.

You want an in-person session or a quick consultation – at the moment, you can only book a home visit after a 15-minute video assessment. Head to the ‘in person’ section of the app and website.

You want a longer online session – choose ‘video consultation and treatment’ instead.

You’re pregnant – not all Urban physiotherapists are specialists in pre- and post-natal treatments. Look for ‘women’s health’ in individual bios before booking, and ensure you are past the first trimester.

Booking for someone under 18

If you’re booking on behalf of a child under the age of 18, please ensure your chosen physiotherapist list paediatrics as a specialism in their bio. An adult will need to be present at the consultation and during any follow-up sessions.