Guided sports massage

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Guided sports massage

Soothe muscle tension, guided by a pro in soft tissue therapy.

You’re feeling

Tense, sore or achy – from exercise or desk work


Our recommendation

Staying active with home workouts? Take time to recover with the guidance of a pro in this private sports massage session, streamed live via two-way video. Your qualified therapist will help you identify problem areas and teach you self-massage and stretching techniques to oxygenate your muscles and ease discomfort from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Urban sports massage therapists are also experts when it comes to assessing postural issues, for example resulting from a long day at a new work from home setup.


During your treatment

Your session will begin with a full consultation to assess problem areas. Your therapist may ask you to demonstrate a few exercises to analyse your movement or posture, before recommending stretches and techniques to support muscle recovery.

You don’t need any equipment for this session other than your phone or laptop (plus floor space to move about). If you do have foam rollers or other useful props to hand, your pro will be able to advise the best way to incorporate them into your prevention and recovery routine.


Probably not for you if:

You’re looking for an in-person sports massage – this session is conducted remotely via two-way video.

You’re experiencing chronic pain and/or you’re recovering from an injury – we recommend booking a physio or osteopathy consultation instead.