Face mapping

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Face mapping

Realise your skin goals at home via tailored advice from a pro facialist.

You want

Healthy, glowing skin, tailored advice, self-care techniques


Skin analysis via two-way video, consultation, advice, technique demonstrations



When it comes to good skincare, it can be hard to know where to start. As retinols, acids and other complex-sounding ingredients have flooded the shelves, time with an expert who knows their alpha hydroxys from their hyaluronics can be extremely valuable.

In this private session, streamed live over two-way video, a Dermalogica-trained pro will work to assess what your skin needs. They’ll tailor their advice around the brands you love or have worked for you in the past, including products you already own, and demonstrate techniques to aid absorption and boost radiance.


During your session

Find a comfy spot, make yourself a hot drink and prepare to learn new things about your skin. No need to write anything down – your skin expert will send you everything you need to know after your session.

Your skin expert will begin with a chat about your current routine, asking questions to understand your lifestyle, skin type and skin goals. They’ll recommend a tailored skincare routine and guide you through techniques to help you get the most from your products.

After your consultation, you can reach your facialist via in-app chat for follow-up questions and support.

Probably not for you if:

You are looking for a physical, in-person facial – this session is conducted via two-way video.