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Personal consultation

Science-backed diet advice from an expert nutritionist via video link.

You want

A balanced diet; more energy; to hit your goal weight


In a nutshell

Get crystal clear, personalised diet advice, rooted in science, the kind no amount of Googling can deliver. In this 55-minute, one-to-one video consultation with a qualified, accredited nutritionist, you’ll learn all you need to know to help you get healthier and hit your goals, unlocking more energy, better sleep and a whole host of other benefits along the way.

During your consultation

Over two-way video, your nutritionist will begin by working with you to build your nutritional profile. They’ll ask about your age, height, weight, lifestyle, level of activity and what your dietary goals are.

They’ll map out your current weekly food intake and eating habits, using that information to give expert guidance on how to adjust your diet. They’ll let you know what you should be introducing, what you should be cutting out and they’ll give advice on portion sizes.

For a week after your consultation you’ll be able to contact your nutritionist by instant messaging with any follow-up questions.


Probably not for you if:

You have a medical condition and you’re looking for dietary advice on how to manage it – your GP is best for that.

You’re booking for someone else under 18 – go for a family session and attend it together.