Follow-up family consultation

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Follow-up family consultation

A video check-in with your nutritionist to improve the family diet.

You want

To track your progress with your nutritionist and receive advice on adjusting the family’s individual diets; to ask any questions.


In a nutshell

Make family meals even healthier for everyone. With the whole family, discuss how things are going foodwise with your nutritionist via two-way video and they’ll help to fine tune and adjust family meals based on how each member is feeling and any new goals. If anything’s changed in a member’s lifestyle that might affect your dietary needs, they can advise on adjusting meals to suit.

During your session

Over two-way video call your nutritionist will check up on how your family’s adjusting to dietary changes. They’ll revisit each member’s nutritional profile from the initial consultation, making adjustments based on how each member’s feeling and new goals you tell them about. From there they’ll give expert advice on how to adjust the family and individual diets accordingly.

They’ll also be able to help rework mealtimes if anyone’s had any lifestyle changes crop up since your last consultation – think pregnancy, a new training regime or an injury or illness.


Probably not for you if:

You haven’t yet met with a nutritionist in an initial consultation.

One of you has a medical condition and you’re looking for dietary advice on how to manage it – your GP is best for that.