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Running on empty? Pep yourself up with pilates.


The rundown

Pilates improves posture, balance and core strength. It's the perfect accompaniment to any other type of exercise, improving alignment and technique to help prevent injury and move with greater efficiency.

Let's go

By targeting both large and smaller supporting muscle groups, pilates tones you up like no other. Expect sculpted arms, a nipped in waist and a super pert butt.

Through a combination of gentle and more pressing stretches, we’ll alleviate some of the built-up stress and tension, especially in the neck and hips to leave you on cloud nine.

Because of the extra focus on stretching out your muscles, pilates gives you long, lean and toned limbs. By correcting posture in your back and shoulders you’ll literally be walking taller.

You'll need a laptop or phone to join your private video call, but won’t need anything else other than equipment you may already have to hand. (Top tip, a bath robe cord makes a great resistance band, or books make a great weight!).

Roomies can join for free

Staying home with friends? They're welcome to join for free – just let your trainer know beforehand so they can prepare. Soon you’ll also be able to invite them via video link.


Probably not for you if:

You’re pregnant and either: 1. new to regular physical activity or 2. in your first trimester – check with your health practitioner before starting a new workout plan, or book in with one of our amazing Mum:Hood Trainers.

You don’t have at least 2x2m of floor or garden space.

You’ve got a dodgy internet connection – you’ll need reliable wifi for a smooth and easy session.

You feel unwell or have a temperature, check in with your doctor to make sure you’re ready to exercise.