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Therapist giving a reflexology massage on feet

Reflexology foot massage in London

Put your feet up at the end of a long day with a professional reflexology treatment at home in London.

Light-medium pressure

You've got:

Tired, achy feet, stress or anxiety

Benefits of reflexology foot massage at home

  • A calming foot massage with acupressure on the lower legs and feet

  • Stay put: a therapist will come to you

  • Reduces tension, stress, and anxiety

  • Clears energetic pathways

Why reflexology?

Almost everyone - young and old - can benefit from a reflexology treatment. It's especially therapeutic for those recovering from surgery.

Reflexology is based on the idea that certain regions on the hands and feet correspond to various parts of the body. Stress is relieved and the body's equilibrium is restored by applying pressure to these areas.

What to expect during a reflexology foot massage

Your therapist will take you through a health assessment to begin with, covering your medical history and any current conditions.

With you sitting comfortable in a chair or lying on a massage table (that they bring), they'll clean your feet before massaging them with wax or oil. It's the ultimate 'put your feet up' treat.

Learn how to get the most out of your reflexology appointment

Reflexology foot massage London FAQs

With Urban, it's easy! Just choose your treatment, select your qualified therapist and then a time and place. They'll come to your home, office or hotel in with everything needed to perform the treatment.

To find a qualified reflexologist near you in London, enter your postcode here.

Urban mobile massage therapists offer reflexology across London, from Clapham to Greenwich, Canary Wharf to Chelsea and beyond.

We believe the best foot massage is one that comes to you at home. Skip the Tube and book a home visit from a professional reflexologist instead.

We're rated Excellent on Trustpilot

"It was my first time having reflexology - it was great! if you are wondering if you should book it or not - DO IT! :)" - Review for reflexology with Rima

"Definitely one for the best foot reflexology treatment I've had without a doubt. Good balance between soothing relocation and firmness of pressure. Ernesto is capable of producing very firm pressure although I didn't desire or require this. Very friendly therapist, puts you at easy straightaway." - Review for reflexology with Ernesto

"We had been searching for a great reflexology practitioner as we returned recently from Asia and had disappointing experiences. Youzhong was excellent, strong massage to relieve pressure points, very relaxing and feel much lighter legs already." - Review for reflexology with Youzhong

Reflexology is an effective method for reducing your overall stress and anxiety. In reflexology, it's understood that zones on the bottoms of the feet correspond to different body regions. It is also believed that conditions like fatigue, sciatica, back pain, and migraines may be alleviated by stimulating these zones.

Not exactly. Reflexology is a manual therapy that uses hands instead of acupuncture needles and primarily targets the hands and feet rather than specific body parts.

Reflexology is a safe treatment to book if you’re pregnant, but check your therapist’s bio to make sure they offer reflexology for pregnancy before you book. Otherwise, try our specialist pregnancy treatment.

Ask your GP for advice is you have a health condition and you're not sure about booking reflexology.

Don't book if you're unwell with flu or fever, if you have a contagious skin condition on your feet or a foot injury.

Your therapist has the right to cancel at the time of your booking if they believe it'll bring you or them harm.

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