Evening wind down

Clear your head for a restful evening in a live, private meditation class.

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Set the worries of the day aside for now, you can pick them up again another time. In this meditation, live-streamed one-to-one, a trained expert will guide you to a quieter mind for a restful evening.


During your session

Sit with a meditation guide via two-way video as they encourage you to clear some headspace after a busy day. With breathing exercises and some friendly guidance, they’ll help you slow your thoughts and prepare your mind for rest – an important reset at the end of a work from home day.

You don’t need any equipment to join in other than your laptop or phone, but you may want to hop into loose clothing (or your pyjamas) so you’re as comfortable as possible, and find a supportive place to sit.


Probably not for you if:

You’re seeking professional counselling or therapy; please contact your GP or call a free helpline such as the Samaritans on 116 123.

This page describes the most common techniques for a specific type of treatment. Your practitioner will tailor your treatment to your individual needs based on their expert knowledge and experience.