Treatment anxiety is a thing – here’s how to relax


Three Urban therapists give their tips on how to enjoy your massage, without feeling embarrassed or awkward.

We all know how enjoyable it is to have a massage at home. But if you’re feeling self-conscious about the process, unsure about letting someone into your home or worried about how you’ll react, don’t – mobile massage therapists have seen it all before, as three of them will explain.

Stripping off and towel etiquette

All massage therapists will be trained in “towel etiquette” and how to preserve your modesty if you’re embarrassed about stripping off. ‘We will explain exactly what items of clothing need to be removed and how you should lie, then leave the room so you can get undressed,’ says therapist Jarek. ‘If we need to turn you onto your back, we’ll give you plenty of warning, and raise the towel up to provide a barrier so you can move easily.’

To shave or not to shave?

‘Don’t worry about hairy legs or arm pits,’ says holistic massage therapist Dhriti. ‘Massage therapists love the human body and we think hair is a normal and natural part of our bodies, so don’t be embarrassed or not go for a massage because you haven’t removed body hair or you feel hairy.’

Unexpected guests

If you’re using a mobile or outcall massage service which comes to your own home, you may have all manner of people there, too. ‘While we’d recommend you pick a quiet room for your massage, we’re also fine if children and pets are around,’ says masseuse Agnieszdhrka. ‘I once had a client whose child was playing and chatting to her under the table while she looked through the hole in the massage table. As long as everyone is happy, I’m happy.’

Wind-breaking worries

Trump, fart, wind – whatever you want to call it, you may be mortified if it happens during a massage. ‘As you relax during a massage your parasympathetic nervous system – also known as known as “rest and digest” – is stimulated,’ says Dhriti. ‘More blood and energy is sent to your digestive system which may cause passing of wind at times, but please don’t feel embarrassed.’

Snoring is a compliment

‘If you start snoring during a massage, please don’t worry,’ says Jarek. ‘It happens pretty often and we take it as a compliment because it means you’re totally relaxed and at ease. If it happens, we’ll gently wake you up with a gentle touch on the shoulder.’

Feeling ‘emosh’ post-massage

Don’t worry if you start to feel emotional during or after a massage, and end up bursting into tears. ‘We hold emotions in our body and massage can help to release them,’ says Dhriti. ‘If you are aware of being stressed, anxious or depressed, let your massage therapist know, as he or she will take that into account and give you a massage that is safe and appropriate.’

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