The superfoods you should be eating


By now kale is common place in the supermarket and you can easily pick up an acai bowl and some chia seeds on your way to work, so health enthusiasts are on the hunt for the next set of superfoods that can transform our bodies. If you’re interested in wellness and nutrition and would like to add some unusual ingredients to your diet, read on to discover what the biggest superfoods of 2017 are, and how you can enjoy them today.

Maqui berries

These small Chilean fruits may be slightly bitter but they are rich in vitamin C and antioxidant anthocyanins, meaning they are anti-inflammatory and help fight disease while boosting your immune system. Buy them fresh and add them to your morning porridge or granola or pick them up in powdered form and include them in your next fresh fruit smoothie.

Red algae

Known on the health food scene as the bacon-flavoured seaweed, this red plant is rich in omega 3. These fatty acids are ideal if you’re looking to improve joint health and brain function. Vegan sushi often contains red algae but if you can’t find that, health food stores should offer dried algae that can be added to soups or eaten as a snack.


Most people in LA drink kombucha daily as the health benefits are well known, but the drink is still making its way onto the UK market. Get ahead of the trend and start enjoying this fermented tea today. Containing a small amount of alcohol, it’s great for improving the health of your gut thanks to its naturally occurring acids that also help circulation and detox the liver.

Watermelon seeds

A much healthier alternative to crisps and biscuits, these seeds are set to become your new favorite snack. One ounce contains up to 10g of protein and is an excellent source of magnesium, iron and folate. Dried or roasted, try them covered with a range of different flavours and reach for them next time you’re feeling peckish.

Avocado oil

Instead of drizzling your salad in olive oil, why not try opting for cold-pressed avocado oil instead. With a high fat content, this vitamin E-rich dressing contains monounsaturated fats that can have a beneficial effect on your blood pressure and heart when eaten in moderation.

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