SIX things you REALLY need to tell your massage therapist about yourself


Sharing is caring, and with massage, the more your therapist knows about you, the better…

To maximise your outcall massage experience, keeping the lines of communication open between you and your therapist is crucial. Massage therapist Agnieszka reveals five facts you should always share with your masseuse:

1) INJURIES – OLD AND NEW: Massage is important after injury, but never straight away! First apply ice and rest up, until the initial pain has gone. Then your therapist can start giving soft tissue treatment. If it’s an old injury, it’s still important to know where, as massage can relieve pain and keep this part of the body in prime condition.

2) PREGNANCY: You must tell your therapist if you’re pregnant as certain areas need to be avoided. However, pregnancy massage will relax ladies with bumps as well as alleviating troublesome pregnancy symptoms, such as swelling or spine pain.

3) ALLERGIES TO OILS/LOTIONS: It’s not rocket science, really. Tell your massage therapist before treatment if certain allergies or oils disagree with you and make your skin come out in a rash.

4) WORRIES & CONCERNS: If you’re embarrassed or worried about something, speak up. If there’s something you’re unsure of, give the Urban Massage team a call – they’ll advise on what home massage is best for you specifically, and assign you to the right therapist for it.

5) PAIN DURING TREATMENT: A good therapist knows exactly how much pressure to apply, without causing their client real discomfort. If you feel any uncomfortable pain, you should say so immediately. Of course, if you’re not used to regular massage, it can be more uncomfortable as your muscles are full of tension, so give it more than one visit.

6) THE MASSAGE ENVIRONMENT: If your massage location is too hot, cold, noisy, or the music getting your goat (what do you mean, you don’t like pan pipes?) – don’t suffer in silence. Your massage therapist will do their best to return you to a zen-like state as quickly as possible.

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