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Madeline Shaw is one of the UK’s most well known and respected health bloggers and holistic nutritionists. Her tasty recipes and simple but effective life advice has gained her a slew of celebrity fans, as well as over 250k followers on Instagram. Her first healthy recipe book ‘Get The Glow’ sky rocketed up the charts and she’s since released two more books to similar success. Now she’s pregnant and is showing people how to stay happy and healthy while having a baby via her social media. We spoke exclusively to Madeleine about how she eats clean while pregnant, what she loves most about being a mum-to-be and which massage treatment she likes her masseuse to practice on her.

What is your favourite thing about being pregnant?

I like that it brings people happiness, everywhere I go people smile and congratulate me, it’s so nice.

How do you handle cravings for unhealthy food?

I just went with them, it’s pretty hard to resist. But I’ll always make sure I’m eating well and have healthy snacks on hand so that I don’t end up gorging myself on my cravings.

We love your book ‘Get The Glow’. Why do you think it resonated with so many people?

I think it’s because all the recipes are super simple. I’m not a chef so my recipes are not intimidating, there are things you can whip up at home in minutes.

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If you could give one piece of motivational advice to people regarding working out, what would it be?

Do it in the morning, set that alarm and just move.

Do you miss being able to work out as much now you’re pregnant?

Not really. It’s quite nice being a bit more lazy and also you’re so tired you can’t imagine doing a big sweaty workout!

Will you be practicing baby yoga with your newborn?

Of course, I can’t wait!

What’s your favourite kind of massage?

I love a deep tissue massage as I get lots of tension in my shoulders from being on my laptop. I can’t wait to have one post pregnancy as your not allowed anything too stimulating.

Have you ever had a pregnancy massage? What was your experience?

Yes I’ve had a few, they have all been super dreamy, more focused on being relaxed which is so nice.

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