What to eat when you feel run down


Do you ever have days when you just feel sluggish for no reason? Days when you struggle to wake up in the morning, have to try hard to stay focused at work, and then battle to stay awake once you get home? Feelings of fatigue can hit all of us at different times and for different reasons, but, providing you have no underlying illnesses, there is an easy way to fight exhaustion – eating better. We’ve discovered the best foods to give you an energy boost when you’re feeling run down.



If you feel like your tiredness might be trying to tell you that you’re starting to get a cold, attack the virus like you would a vampire – with garlic. The tasty cloves are full of anti-bacterial properties which aid your white blood cells, helping to fight off infections. Garlic is also great for lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and protecting against cell damage, so add it to your pastas, stir fry and pizzas stat.



This sweet and sour fruit is renowned as a healthy breakfast choice but not many people realise just how many benefits grapefruit has. The superfruit is rich in vitamin C and A, boosting the immune system’s white blood cell count and antibody production. It also stops fats from forming plaque in arteries, lowering levels of cholesterol. It’s high water and fibre content means it is also great for gut health.



When you body is low on magnesium it can lead to feelings of tiredness and weakness. Magnesium is one of the main nutrients people don’t realise they’re lacking, but it can easily be found in a whole host of greens. Broccoli, spinach and kale are all great choices to add into your meals if you worried about your energy levels. If you’re struggling to eat a large amount of leafy greens try blending them into smoothies with a little bit of fruit juice for sweetness instead.



Everyone knows that when you’re unwell hot water with lemon, honey and ginger can make everything better, but few know the science behind it. The star ingredient of this medicinal mix is ginger, which warms the blood helping to remove toxins and viruses as well as increasing circulation. When you’re feeling sluggish chopped ginger in a stir fry or added to a hot cup of tea could give you that energy boost you need.

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