Get to know your wellbeing needs with a DNA test


Genetic traits are like switches, your lifestyle and environment turn them on or off. But how do you really know which dietary and lifestyle choices are right for you without taking a peek inside?

Until recently, a DNA test would have set you back thousands, taken years to process, and you’d probably have had to travel to the other side of the world to get it done. Now, however, you can order a kit via the click of a button, take it from the comfort of your own home, and get your results within weeks.

DNA test

So how can a DNA test improve your wellbeing?

A DNA test can reveal the perfect diet, exercise and lifestyle requirements for your body, as well as identify specific biological preferences such as:

1. Which diet you’ll respond to best

Low fat? Keto? Paleo? Your genes can tell you how well you’re likely to process dietary fat, showing you whether it’s more likely to be your preferred fuel source or whether you’re more likely to store it as excess body fat.

2. How much caffeine and alcohol your body can really handle

A new study comes out every week claiming to have the answer on how much (if any) alcohol can be tolerated without causing negative long-term health repercussions. The problem is, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach – it depends on your unique biology, which is determined by your genes.

Think you have a high caffeine tolerance? Just because you’re able to drink tea and coffee all day, doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for your liver. Even those with the ‘slow caffeine metaboliser’ gene can build up a tolerance, making it harder to see how caffeine is contributing to psychological stress, high blood pressure, anxiety, poor sleep, and overloading the liver.

“Fast caffeine metabolisers”, on the other hand, might want to consider pairing up caffeine with exercise for an effective workout boost. Which leads us on to…

3. The type of exercise that’s right for you

Slogging through 10k runs and hating every minute of it? Maybe you’re just not built for it. Maybe you’d get the results you’re looking for with resistance training instead. Your genes can tell you whether your muscles are more likely to be made up of fast or slow-twitch muscle fibres, which will indicate the best exercise for your body type.

4. Which vitamins and minerals you should actually be taking

Yep, your genes can tell you how well you’re likely to absorb key nutrients like vitamin D, omega 3, vitamin B12, B9, B6, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C.


5. And which you really shouldn’t…

Perhaps, according to your genes, you’re likely to absorb iron very effectively. Great news! Or is it? Did you know an excess of iron can be dangerous to your health? As long as you’re not vegan, it’s likely that you’re getting enough from your diet alone, yet it’s one of the most common supplements people take. A DNA test can help you identify which vitamins and minerals you should be supplementing, and which you might want to avoid entirely.

How it’s done

Discover how to eat, exercise, and balance your vitamins and minerals by simply ordering a VITL DNA test kit. All you need to do is swab your cheek with the cotton-wool swab and send it back to VITL to receive expert advice from a qualified nutritionist on how you can work with your genes to see the best results.

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