How to detox at home in a way you’ll enjoy


Detox. It’s a word you’ll find scattered throughout magazine articles, plastered on the side of drinks bottles and food wrappers, and hashtagged to death on Instagram. “But what does it actually mean?!” we hear you cry. Never fear – we’re here to bust a few myths, unpuzzle buzzwords and share our favourite doable detox tips.

Detoxing is so much more than glugging green juice – it’s about helping your body get rid of the toxins that it takes in every day. From the air we breathe, the things we eat and drink, and the substances we imbibe, we’re constantly taking in toxins that can negatively impact the way our body works. The liver, kidneys, skin, digestive system and lungs all work hard to rid our body of toxic materials – but there’s no harm in giving them a helping hand. So, before you pick out a new diet plan and start shopping for your dream blender, keep in mind the the detox benefits of massage.

Massage has long been recognised for the contribution that it makes to general wellbeing, especially when it comes to stress. If you allow stress to build up it can begin to cause problems, including the build up of toxins, which makes us tired and lethargic. Prevention is better than cure, which is why we at Urban HQ always look to massage to help us relax, unwind and detox.

What are the detox benefits of massage?

As the body’s internal waste disposal unit, the lymphatic system, made up of a network of tissues and organ, acts to naturally to detox the body by flushing out toxins, waste and other unwanted materials.

However, when your body is overloaded with toxins, it may fail to function at its best. This is where Lymphatic drainage treatment comes in. This type of massage specifically concentrates on stimulating and rebooting the lymphatic system to encourage the flow of lymph fluid when the system is overloaded. This will help kickstart the natural detoxing process making you feel more energised.

lymphatic drainage

If you are looking for a more general treatment but also need to detox, you’re in luck because all massage treatments help to detox the body as they help loosen and relieve tight muscles that could be harbouring toxins. Not only can a massage help you to sleep better and decrease anxiety, but it can also boost circulation, which assists with the chemical side of the detox process.

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