5 reasons why a post-flight massage is important


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Nobody likes a long haul flight. They’re stuffy, they’re boring and they generally make your body feel pretty terrible. While it tries to acclimatise to your new time zone it’s no doubt also suffering from swelling, dehydration and general tiredness. Be kind to yourself and make sure that once you check-in to your hotel or make it back home you book yourself a post-flight massage.

Whether you prefer a Swedish back massage or a full body Thai yoga treatment it doesn’t matter, any kind of stimulation to your muscles in a considered way will have you feeling better in no time. If you’re not sure that lying down for an hour on a massage table will make you feel better after seven of sitting, we’re here to convince you. Read on for five reasons why a post-flight massage is not just important, but in our eyes totally necessary.


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1) It will help with fluid retention

A full body massage is a great way to flush toxins out of your system and this may be even more beneficial when you’ve been on a long haul flight. After hours in the air, fluid can build up in the body, possibly causing you pain and discomfort. A professional masseuse will know how to manipulate the body’s lymph system to help drain the fluid and get you feeling like yourself again.

2) Your muscles will thank you

Aeroplane seats are renowned for being uncomfortable and sitting for long periods of time anywhere is never good for your body. Joint tension is the number one concern of travellers post flight, with poor circulation coming in a close second. Luckily massage may be able to combat both of these issues, in fact it is exactly what it was created for!

3) It will help to rehydrate you

Aeroplane toilets and small drinking cups are both factors that hold people back from keeping hydrated during a flight and this paired with the poor air systems make dehydration a major concern. A massage will not only help to increase your blood flow but the oils your massage therapist will use will help to add moisture back into the skin. After every massage it’s important to drink water, but try to drink even more so when you’ve had a post-flight massage.

4) You can say goodbye to stress

Travel angst is a very real thing. If it isn’t the passengers who are slow to take their bags out of the overhead bins that really grind on you it will be the fact your luggage is last to appear on the carousel. Before your blood pressure starts to rise too much, book a London massage service as soon as you leave the airport. You can vent to your massage therapist while you receive what will probably be the most relaxing massage of your life.

5) It can seriously minimise your jet lag

Jet lag is code for nausea, dehydration, tiredness and irritability, essentially all things uncomfortable. Massage is one of the best things you can do to combat these nasties, as it helps to rid your body of all its discomforts, making it easier to adjust to your new time zone. If you want to feel extra perky post-flight ask your massage therapist if they can use lavender oil during your treatment. It’s known to promote a sense of wellbeing and invigoration.


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